Vine's Christmas Trees from the beginning

In the mid-1800’s, Fred Vine Sr. traveled from Kent, England by way of Buffalo, New York to build a new life in the United States. He made his way toward the beautiful rolling hills of Wisconsin and homestead on the ridge in Neillsville. Fred met a few folks nearby and they told him that the land was good farmland. He decided to stay. To this day, Fred’s original house is still standing straight west of the Neillsville town hall.

Three generations later, Gordon Vine, great-grandson of Fred Vine, inherited 80 acres of the land. He and his wife, Faith, thought it was the most beautiful place they had ever seen, so together they purchased the remaining land. For years the land existed as a thriving dairy and beef farm. Sadly, in 1987, Faith passed away. Gordon felt unsure of what to do with the land. He decided to take a chance. He drove to a nearby nursery run by the Pierce Family. They sold him 5,000 Frasier Fir Christmas trees. Gordon, along with his sons Jeff and Paul, planted and watered these first 5,000 trees by hand, and this sprouted the beginnings of Vine’s Christmas Trees.

Currently, Gordon, along with his five children, eleven grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren continue to produce beautiful Christmas Trees every year. We take great pride in knowing each tree that sprouts from our land has deep, rich history in its roots.

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