Frisco Texas Personal Trainer Hits Best Seller List With New Home Exercise Book For Seniors

Frisco, Texas, USA. January 20th, 2014 – “A SUPER Home Exercise Book For Seniors” has made the Top 10 Best Seller List on Amazon in it's category, giving Seniors who want to learn how to quickly regain their strength, something to smile about. Acclaimed Strength Specialist Kevin Saint Clair uses safe, rapid, evidence-based exercise techniques and explains them in a way, many Seniors have now embraced with open (and stronger) arms.

The book, first of a three part series, has 67 pages, great pictures of each exercise and is currently available at:

The book “A SUPER Home Exercise Book for Seniors” is also available on here:

"What most Seniors and people over 50 don't understand is that the days of having to do continuous, tiresome movements, to strengthen every muscle group are over. The pain many of them have been living with daily, as well as the reliance on prescription medications or pain, caused by weak muscles, can now be remedied quickly. " says Kevin Saint Clair, the author of the book.

Having trained champion Athletes, Kevin Saint Clair, a professional personal trainer, has developed this unique exercise routine for seniors and mature adults. The book will help them strengthen all of the major muscle groups in their bodies. Perhaps, the most important fact about the book is that seniors can get fantastic results without having to purchase any exercise or fitness equipment.

The book offers a refreshingly practical approach and easy to follow exercises, and is expected to resonate with seniors, both men and women.

This is exactly what my book delivers, a definitive direction and hope to such seniors who aspire to break away from the shackles of pain and limited mobility that old age is infamous for. If my book is able to help even a single senior regain their physical independence, I’d deem it a great success! "

About Author Kevin Saint Clair

Kevin Saint Clair is an acclaimed Personal Trainer based in Frisco, Texas. He developed a passion for how the muscles of the human body function, as a teenager. In addition to spending many years traveling internationally, he has spent over 20 years studying the relationship between our muscles and the central nervous system.

Kevin has trained champion Athletes, designs strength training programs for sports teams and currently offers personal training services in and around Frisco, Texas.

Kevin enjoys helping to improve the quality-of-life of others, by applying his advanced exercise techniques in order to help them transform their bodies and to improve their functional strength & mobility.

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