New Year’s Workplace Wellness Challenge: Atlanta Company, Cardlytics, Launches 90-Day Effort to Help Employees Get Fit

ATLANTA, January 7, 2016 -- The chance to relax in a tank of water at the office isn’t a typical day at work, but Cardlytics isn’t your typical company. The purchase intelligence company is kicking off the New Year with a three-month campaign to help its employees improve their overall wellness. Employees will start with an underwater body analysis to set an initial measure of body mass and will then participate in company-sponsored fitness classes and workshops.

The company will offer the 90 day competition to its more than 350 employees in Atlanta and other cities -- focusing on overall health and wellness.

  • Jan. 7 - The competition begins with a hydrostatic “weigh-in” for each participant to measure their body mass index (BMI). Hydrostatic underwater weighing is the most accurate technique to measure body fat.

  • January through March - Cardlytics will host multiple events and competitions to motivate and assist employees in reaching their goals.

  • Seven exercise classes will be held each week in the Cardlytics offices (before & after work and during lunch hours).

  • An exercise studio in the community will be highlighted each month to allow employees to try different classes.

  • Lunch & Learns will be held monthly on various fitness topics such as healthy eating, and how to lose fat and not muscle.

  • The Challenge within the Challenge - In February, the company will reward the employee who attends the most fitness classes in a month.1

  • March 31 - A final hydrostatic weigh-in2  determines the winners. Prizes awarded to the first, second and third place employees who have gained the most muscle and improved overall fitness.


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Cardlytics® is a purchase intelligence platform that makes all marketing more relevant and measurable. Our patented technology measures and connects trillions in purchases to millions of consumers. We partner with major financial institutions, including Bank of America, Lloyds Banking Group and FIS, to provide Card-Linked Loyalty programs, which deliver significant savings to customers and revenue to banks, securely and without any personally identifiable information ever leaving the bank.