Matchmakers: Ruffwear dogs find new homes at GoPro Mountain Games

Matchmakers Ruffwear and Best Friends Animal Society successfully paired 5 adventure-seeking, outdoor-loving dogs looking for a forever home with GoPro Mountain Games attendees (also known to be adventure-seeking and outdoor-loving). Expected to be the largest ever attended in terms of athlete participation and spectators, the Games proved to be fertile ground for dog lovers.

“Each morning, we would arrive to our booth in Gear Town and people would be waiting for the dogs. The energy, enthusiasm and open hearts of the attendees was incredible!” said Ruffwear’s Brand Manager, Greg Freyberg. 

"The GoPro Mountain Games is an event with a big heart, and we definitely have a soft spot for dogs," said Vail Valley Foundation spokesperson. "We were so happy to partner with Ruffwear and Best Friends Animal Society to make this happen and are so happy these wonderful dogs have found homes with adventurous mountain people who will give them plenty of exercise."

The Vail Valley Foundation is already discussing options on how to make the program happen again at the 2016 GoPro Mountain Games next June in Vail.