Enjoy the Passion of the Midsummer Fire Festival in World of Warcraft

Around of azeroth and outland blazing fire again lift up the spirit of people, lit up against ancient evil mood. Annually elected the new fire protection will be guarded the sacred flame never extinguished. These are known as “fire protection” guard request those brave adventurers are across the mainland to explore azeroth underground in the darkest corners of the city to give them help. Folklore has it that those who have the courage to face the terrorist heroes will be returned by the power of the flame. Section 2014 midsummer fire duration: June 21 – July 5. Just enjoy the passion of midsummer fire festival in addition to farm wow gold.


Midsummer fire festivals will be a big campfire is located in the downtown, is around a bonfire flame section of the mission to provide an NPC, players can use the burning flowers to supply commodities/midsummer businessmen buy festival items. At the same time those in the central city of the big fire and a “rogue reward” opposing the task of the target site. In addition, there are some other NPCs will give you a small task with reward of wow gold (not necessary) to guide you to the central city of the fire started in the midsummer fire festival event this year.


First of all, the player can to their camp, away from downtown alliance is stormwind, tribal is auge rema pick two torch every day. Then, regional central city festivals camp there can also received the twilight hammer of task, the task can choose not to do, anyway the task of the last and struck Einhorn), finally running map to put out the fire. If you want to finish the achievement, through the whole of azeroth and outland must be. Whether the achievements of fire protection, fire, or reward of burning flower is to complete the necessary achievement



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