How to better identify the low quality external battery power bank?

Japan - How to clearly identify the low quality external battery power bank? For each mobile power bank purchaser, they need carefully note this problem as the low quality mobile power bank will cause into very seriously problem. Now, this article which written by professional editor from famous onite 8000mah external battery power bank online seller Inc will teach each people identification methods for these poor quality mobile power bank.

First, if people find that the mobile power bank they will buy has more than 8000mAH capacity but the USB output current is still only 1A, it could be said that this product must be very poor quality. Increase the capacity of mobile power batteries indicate the increasing of the outputting current. If the manufacturer wants to increase the output current, they need to change the conversion circuit components and the finally increased current value must beyond 1A. If manufacturer could not want to change the cheap price component to increase the current value, who could guarantee the manufacturer could use the high quality batteries?

The other symbol of the low quality external battery power bank should be the low conversion efficiency which is less than 75 percent. The normal value of the energy efficiency could be around 82 percent. The 12000mah power bank from Inc already exceeded this value. In summary, when people see energy conversion of a mobile power mobile power efficiency is only 70 percent, it could be said that the quality of this product is very poor.

Thirdly, the mobile power supply cannot load current in accordance with the nominal value. The famous online seller Inc already tested many mainstream products and they found that more than half of products cannot be applied at rated load current. For example, the labeling current is 1A. However, the current and actual loading current is 0.7A. Low loading current value will damage the component of the charged electrical products.

The last sign for the low quality mobile power product should be the abnormally low price. When consumers see the capacity of the mobile power bank beyond tens of thousands mAH but the price of this product is only tens of dollars, it could be concluded that the products should have very low price.

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