Cassie and Sherry; a decade of serving at Daylight Donuts

Featured Image: Cassie Soldierwolf, left, and Sherry West each have worked at Daylight Donuts through three different owners and over a decade. / Pitchengine Communities
(Riverton, Wyo.) - Daylight Donuts in Riverton is moving into a new phase with remodeling, open hours on Sunday, and full racks of donuts all day long. One thing that isn't changing, however, are two long-time employees, Cassie Soldierwolf and Sherry West. Most people know Sherry as she's been the face of the store for nearly a decade, staffing the front counter. Cassie, a baker and fryer, works overnight to make sure there are donuts and other goodies for the morning rush.
With her experience, Cassie is the shop's all-around person, doing training, baking, troubleshooting and moving to whatever position is needed at the time. "It takes three or so hours to make really good donuts, and sometimes Sherry can sell them faster than we can make them," she said.
Sherry can also bake, but spends most of her time meeting customers and old friends, especially members of the store's Coffee Club where each member has their own cup and their favorite place to sit and those regulars who drive up to the service window.
"This is a great place to work, and the donuts fly out the door so fast, people sometimes kid me that I must be eating them," West said. "My favorite part of the job is greeting people with a smile and seeing them smile back. Most people want to be happy, and it's impossible not to be happy with a fresh donut. I really love the people."
Soldierwolf said that if she were a customer, "I'd want Sherry to serve me, she's a ball."
A moment the pair shared several years ago, and one they still laugh about, is when Sherry started a mixer full of maple syrup, not realizing that someone had set the mixer on high. "Maple syrup flew all over the place, mostly on Cassie." Soldierwolf said she had freckles all day, "because maple syrup leaves a mark."
Both Soldierwolf and West said they really want to thank all the customers who come in, "It's so wonderful to see people every day, the whole community. We appreciate everyone who comes in, even just for one donut," West said. Cassie expressed her appreciate to former owners Jeff and Mary Kellog, Phil Christopherson's family, and now the Esquibel's for the opportunity to learn and work for them. "I think Sherry and I have been here longer that some of the equipment," Cassie said.
"You know, we are world famous," Sherry said as she and Cassie reminisced about customers who came in with special requests. "The pilots from the airport would call ahead and order dozens of donuts to take back to Boston or Florida, or wherever they were flying," West said. Soldierwolf remembers one particular client they haven't seen for some three years now, but once a year they'd fly here in their jet and order a couple dozen to go, since they were headed to Europe.
Cassie noted that if community members wanted to know what is going on politically, they ought to head to the store in the mornings. "We have judges, lawyers, legislators who meet here regularly. This is the place."
"Come in your PJs, cutoffs or curlers, we've seen it all, and we're always happy to see you," West said.
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