Importance of a Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

As car owners, we tend to approach vehicle upkeep in many different ways. Generally, it seems drivers are divided between the decisions of whether or not their vehicle maintenance can wait. This may either be to save money on potential vehicle repairs, or the problem may seem up to the driver’s judgment of the vehicle. However, these car hiccups are a way for your vehicle to signal the need for management and, therefore, tend to worsen if the problems are not identified and repaired.

Preventative Maintenance

Drivers here in El Paso, Texas may not have to worry too much, in regards to weather and demanding road conditions, but creating a vehicle maintenance schedule can nevertheless help preserve the operability and overall lifespan of your vehicle. Car owners who have used vehicles or older models are usually prone to frequent vehicle problems or are able to detect malfunctions easier as time goes on. For new car owners, scheduled maintenance is a great way to start off on the right foot, keeping yourself attentive and responsible to your vehicle’s needs and, thereby, increasing its operating quality and lifespan. In fact, whether you have a new or used car in El Paso, vehicle maintenance can ultimately help keep yourself and others safe while driving on the road.

Common Maintenance Requirements

With routine check-ups on your vehicle, performance longevity is improved. At Jack Key Auto Group, we recommend referring to the owner’s manual or a service professional at your local car dealership in El Paso for maintenance requirements specific to your vehicle and its condition. Common maintenance schedules start approximately at 3,000 to 7,000 mile intervals, which often require basic minimal services like oil, fluid, and filter checks. Greater maintenance needs tend to occur at larger intervals -- roughly between 35,000 and 60,000 miles.

El Paso, or “Sun City,” drivers may be interested in the quality and integrity of their vehicle’s paint job as a maintenance point, as well. This can easily be undetected through long-term sun exposure; thereby slowly causing oxidation and premature fading over time. A solution as simple as regular washes and detail check-ups can help revive the sheen and color your car had when you first purchased it. In fact, to the benefit of El Paso residents, Jack Key Auto Group has partnered with Mister Car Wash this year to help provide customers with this opportunity, offering discount wash and detail services at 11 locations in El Paso.

Vehicle Investment

Regardless of whether drivers care for the cosmetic quality of their car, vehicle maintenance should remain a top priority when considering safety precautions , as well as the financial cost of a neglected vehicle. The investment required for an appropriate vehicle maintenance schedule will most likely greatly reduce the considerable amount of payment otherwise spent on more serious repairs if left unattended to.

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