PowerstarLED Introduces Powerful LED Lights

UK – April 25, 2014. PowerstarLED has announced the availability of their LED lights and LED bulbs to consumers interested in cost-effective lighting fixtures for their homes and offices. This company is one of the leading lighting suppliers in the UK. Their LED lighting fixtures are one of the most affordable and durable lighting system in the country.

An LED light bulb has more to offer than a regular incandescent bulb or a CFL light. This LED light consumes less energy than the aforementioned light bulbs. Some have estimated that a homeowner can save up to 80% of energy when using LED lights. The service life of this type of light is also amazing. One LED downlight can last up to 15 years even if it is lighted 24 hours a day.

These are the types of LED bulbs that PowerstarLED supplies their customers all over the UK. They sell GU10 LED lights and GU10 LED BULBS. The lights produced by GU10 BULBS are soft and warm therefore they are friendlier to the eyes compared to CFL bulbs. PowerstarLED also sells LED spotlights, GU10 downlights, MR16 LED light bulbs and LED strip lights.

The prices of these LED lights are very competitive. But their most important value to the consumers is their durability and cost effectiveness. A consumer saves a lot of money when he switches to LED lights because of their low consumption of energy, and their long service lives.

About PowerstarLED

PowerstarLED is a lighting supplier that is registered in the UK. Their company headquarters is located in Central London. This company works only with companies that are safety focused and possess the right product specifications. They supply LED lighting products to residential and commercial users throughout England and Europe

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