China Gear Industry Report 2012-2016 adds report China Gear Industry Report, 2012-2016 to its store.China's gear output reached 1.90 million tons in 2012, with a year-on-year growth rate of 36.6%. The output is expected to hit 3.02 million tons in 2015. Chinese gear industry lags behind foreign countries in gear standards, fundamental R&D, product performance and otherwise, and it still needs to import large quantities of high-end gears.

Gears are applied widely, and the types vary greatly. Different manufacturers lay emphasis on their specialties. For example, Shaanxi Fast is engaged in heavy-duty automotive transmissions; NGC's major products are wind power, building materials and metallurgy mechanical gears; the main products of Chongqing Gearbox & Machinery involve wind power, building materials, and high-power marine gearboxes; Dalian Heavy Industry specializes in wind power gearboxes; Zhejiang Wanliyang Transmission and Chongqing Tsingshan Industrial focus on automotive transmissions.

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Gear segments include automotive gears, universal industrial gears and special industrial gears. Especially, automotive gears play a key role, and are mainly used in drive axles, transmissions, transfer cases and engines.

In July 2011, the Equipment Industry Division of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced "Twelfth Five-Year" Development Plan for General Parts and Components Industry, making a clear plan for the gear industry. In the upcoming five years, the objective of the gear market is: automotive gears account for about 40%, other vehicle gears 25% or so, industrial gears 35%, and exported gears roughly15%.

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China Gear Industry Report 2012-2016 released mainly contains six chapters and 75 charts.

  • Output, industrial features and competition patterns of China gear industry in 2012, as well as development trends in 2013-2016;
  • Demand in China automobile industry in 2012 as well as the demand for automotive gears in 2016;
  • Overview of China wind power gear industry and development of other industrial gearsin 2012;
  • TOP 10 provinces and regions in terms of gear output in 2010-2012;
  • Profile, finance, main products and construction projects of 11 major gear manufacturers.

Table Of Contents

1 Macro-economic Environment in China, 2011-H1 2012
1.1 China's GDP
1.2 Fixed Investment
1.3 Industrial Development
1.4 Import and Export Environments
1.5 Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban and Rural Households
1.6 Engel Coefficient
1.7 Macroeconomic Forecast, 2012-2013E

2 Overview of Gear Industry
2.1 Definition
2.2 Classification
2.3 Industry Policy
2.4 Industrial Chain
2.4.1 Upstream Sectors
2.4.2 Downstream Sectors

3 Chinese Gear Market Size
3.1 Output
3.2 Competition Pattern
3.2.1 Competition among Manufacturers
3.2.2 Regional Competition
3.3 Industry Characteristics
3.3.1 Automobile as the Most Important Downstream Market
3.3.2 Low Degree of Industry Concentration
3.4 Development Trends
3.4.1 Overall Trends
3.4.2 Automobile Industry
3.4.3 Wind Energy Industry
3.4.4 Nuclear Power Industry
3.4.5 Rail Transit
3.4.6 Coal Mining Machinery
3.4.7 Technology Development Trends

4 Market Segments
4.1 Development of Automotive Gear
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 Demand
4.1.3 Major Producers of Automatic Transmission
4.2 Overview of Wind Power Gear Market
4.3 Other Sectors
4.3.1 Loader Gear
4.3.2 Marine Gear

5 Gear Output by Region
5.1 Jiangsu
5.2 Shandong
5.3 Hubei
5.4 Zhejiang
5.5 Henan
5.6 Sichuan
5.7 Chongqing
5.8 Hunan
5.9 Hebei
5.10 Anhui

6 Major Companies
6.1 Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.1.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
6.1.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
6.1.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
6.2 Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.2.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
6.2.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
6.2.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
6.3 Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.3.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
6.3.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
6.3.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
6.3.6 Major Clients
6.3.7 R&D
6.3.8 Aboundant Orders
6.3.9 Cost Analysis
6.3.10 Major Projects
6.4 Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.4.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
6.4.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
6.4.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
6.5 Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.5.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
6.5.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
6.5.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
6.6 Fujian Longxi Bearing(Group)
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.6.3 Revenue and Gross Margin by Sector
6.6.4 Revenue and Gross Margin by Product
5.6.5 Revenue and Gross Margin by Region
6.7 China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Key Financial Indicators
6.7.3 Main Products
6.8 Chongqing Gearbox & Machinery
6.9 Chongqing Tsingshan Industrial
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Product Overview
6.10Shaanxi Fast
6.10.1 Profile
6.10.2 Product Overview
6.11 Zhejiang Wanliyang Transmission
6.11.1 Profile
6.11.2 Operation
6.11.3 Transmission Business

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