bioIDMETRICS Has Become a Leading Health Solution for People Living in in Illinois

People living in Illinois looking for a solution to their health problems including obesity, are now turning to the leading health care provider. bioIDMETRICS is a patient-centered company that interprets the metrics given by the client in the context of his biochemical individuality. The provide people with health solutions and healing therapies for a variety of diseases

Dr. Monica Cisneros D.C. and Samuel Hage D.C. chiropractic physicians in Illinois have the pleasure to present a new healthcare solution: BioIDmetrics Integrative Medicine Institute serving BurrRidge, Hinsdale, Willowbrook, Oakbrook, LaGrange, Naperville, Bolingbrook and all surrounding suburbs of Illinois.

Bioidmetrics has specialized chiropractic physicians certified in the latest evidence-based therapies; offering state of the art facility; advanced laboratory and diagnostic test, and patient's tailored treatments for their biochemical individuality. Advanced credentialing in functional medicine is at the core of their philosophy to address underlying dysfunctions and dysregulations from cumulative biochemical effects or traumas and not limited to musculoskeletal conditions.

The treatment requires integrated medical model not limited to drugs and surgeries but effective interventions: manual therapies (manipulation and soft tissue technique), correctional exercise and rehabilitation, specialized orthomolecular and nutraceutical formulations and acupuncture. Vitamin, mineral, fatty acids, and nutrient supplements helps prevent chronic disease by numerous mechanisms including modulation of gene transcription, improving DNA repair and stability and enhancing metabolic efficiency.

The experienced team of professionals offers to give people relief from the body discomfort related to their health problem. They provide services in the following fields:

- Integrative medicine that includes all possible tools for patients' successful healing;

- Funtional medicine provides the latest science approach to chronic disease treatment;

- Medical Esthetics includes anti-aging therapy, using lasers, facials, acupuncture, chemical peels, microdemabracion, and more;

- Physical Therapy with specially designed exercises for treating the misalignment of the spine, connective tissues and muscles;

- Therapeutic massage for helping patients stop feeling the tension in different body areas and make them feel their muscles normal again;

- Orthomolecular medicine for restoring the body balances and biochemical function optimization through different nutritional supplements;

- Treatment of patients who experienced work or car accidents using digital limit radiation x-ray, CT scan, MRI to discover the problem and advanced technology for accelerated healing;

- Physiotherapy, which goal is to enhance the chiropractic manipulation treatment healing effects.

At a time when obesity and being overweight is a huge issue, people are now finding a real solution to becoming slimmer thanks to bioIDMETRICS

The company provides services in Hinsdale, BurrRidge, Willowbrook, Oakbrook and the surrounding suburbs of Illinois.

To find out more about the healing services offered by bioIDMETRICS, please visit their website at, which is available in both English and Spanish languages.

Bioidmetrics is the consolidations of years of planning and preparation to develop a new medical model, which was finally crystalized in 2015. This center of excellence is headed by medical director: Dr. Monica Cisneros to fill the needs of most Americans who are in dire need for a comprehensive medical approach which is patient-centered not symptom-center. ??Many Americans are being bounced to different specialties, however pain (a siren that whails) crosses all organs systems in the body and treatment requires integrated medical model in order to achieve successful resolution to their medical problems. The American health system is undergoing changes and patients are doom to be lost in the process and this poses a threat to the health of our nation. Americans deserve to live healthy lives and deserve compassionate and comprehensive medical care from medical providers who share the same goals: patient first and do no harm.