How to Prepare for an African Safari

Going on an African Safari can be a total life-changing experience. However, packing for the excursion can be a bit overwhelming. It is important to be ready for all possible activities – such as one of the many river tours the region has to offer – since being unprepared while in Africa can be a serious danger. With that being said, here is a compilation of some of the most important items to remember before heading out on your big trip.

Arguably the most critical step everyone should take before embarking on their safari adventure is to make sure that they have the appropriate vaccinations and certificates. Africa is home to a vast number of bugs and mosquitos – such as the Anopheles, a class of Mosquito commonly known to transmit malaria – so make sure to take the proper immunization precautions! Insect repellent and mosquito netting are also excellent safeguards – especially for those looking to take an African cruise.

What would a safari be without the three essentials for any big outdoor adventure: sunscreen, a first aid kit, and a reusable water bottle? Sure, these items may seem like a no-brainer for any experienced outdoorsman, but their overall importance can never be stressed enough. Compasses are also a great idea for first aid kits – it probably won’t ever need to be used but, again, better safe than sorry!

Africa offers natural elements like no other place on earth, so make sure to pack plenty of appropriate clothing for your trip! Neutral colors are extremely important when on a safari, as whites and other bright colors can distract or upset some animals. The sun can really take its toll on underprepared individuals, so make sure to bring sunglasses and a hat – preferably one that covers most of your head and not just the face. Comfortable shoes are another must-have; try to find closed-toed shoes with maximum protection – such as hiking boots – to ward off the various elements that could get thrown your way.

Though the trip itself will come and go in the blink of an eye, the pictures you take will last forever. Cameras are a must for all African safaris – just be sure to keep your equipment safe and constantly accounted for if you decide to bring any expensive gear with you. Disposable cameras are also a worthy idea for those that don’t want to have to worry about losing their own.

As evidenced, preparing for an African safari is no simple task. Though an appropriate packing list might seem endless, it is crucial to be properly prepared for all potential activities; whether you’re in a land cruiser, a river cruise ship, or on foot, there are numerous different scenarios in which you may find yourself. It might be a bit cliché, but the term “better safe than sorry” definitely applies to anyone planning on visiting Africa.


Going on an African Safari can be a total life-changing experience. However, packing for the excursion can be a bit overwhelming. This article will illustrate some of the most crucial items to bring along with you before embarking on your big adventure.

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