Niche Updates Mag-Tab SR Online Store For An Improved Customer Experience

PRESS RELEASE: Southlake TX, 27-MARCH-2014 - Niche Pharmaceuticals Inc. And Steve Brandon are proud to report that a newly renovated online store has just opened for the benefit of customers shopping for one of the most powerful supplements available for overall health. Magnesium supplement have been shown to improve cell rebuilding, and to protect against a whole range of ailments in humans. It is also reliable in easing the symptoms of stress.

According to spokesperson Steve Brandon, "Our magnesium product, Mag-Tab SR, is a controlled release caplet of magnesium in the L-lactate. The tablets each contain 84 milligrams of magnesium. The consumption of two tablets at breakfast time and two more at night provides around the clock protection and meets the United States RDA of magnesium, set at 300 to 350 mg/daily."

He continues, "Our doctor-endorsed tablets have been tested clinically and shown to have improved bio-availability and a higher absorption rate than the ordinary magnesium in competitor's products. The advanced slow release formula, as well as the improved absorption rate means you won't need to take as many pills to get the same beneficial results. This means less irritation to your stomach. Each sustained-release MaG-Tab SR tablet slowly releases the magnesium over twelve (12) hours so you do not undergo the diarrhea and uncomfortable cramping that is typical with the oxide and chloride forms of magnesium."

The sustained release formula permits the mineral to be released slowly so that absorption enables the kidney to efficiently distribute the mineral to the tissues throughout the body. These facts make it possible for the body to more readily absorb and use the many benefits of the mineral. Other magnesium formulations can create a rapid increase in the serum magnesium levels, which can force the elimination of unusable extra mineral by way of the urinary system without providing any healthful results to the tissues and cellular components of the body.

Learn more about the superior characteristics of this form of magnesium l-lactate dihydrate by paying a visit to the website found at today. Press corps members and others who are in need of additional details about the information in this press notice are urged to contact the firm at the location that follows.

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