Bothbest Offers Now Affordable Bamboo Decking for Homeowners Looking for Non-Wood Decking

China - Bothbest, a renowned manufacturer and exporter of bamboo products, now offers affordable bamboo decking solutions to homeowners looking for non-wood decking and flooring solutions. Bamboo decking or bamboo flooring offered by Bothbest can be installed outdoors and in places like public spaces, swimming pools, gardens. According to the exporters at Bothbest, bamboo decking is a really affordable, anti-moldy and durable terrace flooring solution.

Woven bamboos are used by Bothbest for outdoor bamboo decking , whereas the manufacturers also apply oil on the decking, so that the floor becomes waterproof and can be used outdoors. According to the owners of Bothbest, their strand woven bamboo decking is denser than any other regular flooring material. They also added that the woven bamboo flooring has a unique design.

“Dimension of bamboo decking and other details can be found on our trading website. At present, only carbon color bamboo decking is available with us. Each bamboo floor scores 3000 in Janka hardness test. We use European 1 Standard Dynea glue to keep together the bamboos and use a Germany made OSMO oil for coating the decks. These pre-oiled decks are suitable for outdoor installation”, told a sales manager of Bothbest.

“We also use the lowest amount of formaldehyde for making these bamboo decks. Besides, we only use 5-8 year old bamboos that have been grown using a sustainable harvesting method”, he added while talking to the press.

The sales manager also informed that they use the best Italian and German equipment to bring increased consistency in the bamboo decks. At present, Bothbest offers both pre-finished and unfinished bamboo decks to its buyers. The China based manufacturer also offers 5 year wear-through warranty on the Aluminum-Oxide finished floors and 25 year non-delamination warranty. As per the owners, the bamboo decks that they manufacture are suitable for use in zoos, gardens and in summerhouses.

“Since 2001, we have been in this business of bamboo flooring and decking and we are committed to ensure full customer satisfaction. Interested buyers can just pay the delivery charges to check out the quality of the bamboo decks for free”, added the sakes manager.

About the Company

Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co, Ltd. is a China based manufacturer of various bamboo products.

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