Complete Multivitamins for Kids by Steve Deane

[March 6, 2014] – Steve Deane, an international Isagenix independent associate,is proud to offer the IsaKids Essentials—a complete multivitamin supplement for children.Steve shares that this wellness product is a safe and effective solution to help kids get all the necessary vitamins they might miss from their food. He adds that a regular intake of this supplement promotes proper development of bones, cartilage and teeth, and supports healthy immunity and metabolism.

Containing Essential Vitamins

Steve Deane knows that kids might not get all the vitamins they need for growth and development from food alone.He explains that children usually eat only certain types of foods, which might lack essential nutrients their developing bodies require. Helping young ones achieve optimal health is Steve’s main motivation in providing a complete wellness product for children.

Every container of IsaKids Essentials is loaded with 16 vitamins, mainly A, C, and D—vital nutrients for healthy development of the skeletal system;proper digestion; and building a solid immune system. Each pack has 120 chewable tablets good for 30 servings, enough to deliver the recommended daily amount of essential vitamins for children.

Steve Deane assures parents that they will not have a problem convincing their children to take the tablet. He explains that Isagenix made sure that the supplements are great-tasting and easy to chew, making kids feel like they are just eating candies. Steve notes that these supplements contain no artificial colors or flavors and are only made from the highest quality botanicals and bioactive compounds.

Promoting Good Health for Children of the World

Isagenix has been making great strides to expand their market globally. Apart from the United States and Canada, Steve shares that the wellness products of Isagenix are also now available in many countries across North and South America and the Asia Pacific, including:

• Mexico

• Puerto Rico

• Columbia

• Australia

• New Zealand

• Singapore

• Malaysia

• Hong Kong

• China

• Taiwan

More than just business, Isagenix’s ultimate goal is to make the world a place full of healthy people. According to Steve Deane, the brand recognizes the need to take their wellness products in as many countries as possible to help fight predominant issues such as obesity and malnourishment of children. With this global expansion, more parents can now keep their kids’ health in check with the availability and accessibility of the IsaKids Essentials.

About Steve Deane

Steve Deane is a premier distributor of Isagenix in many countries. He takes pride in offering quick access to the reputable brand’s high-quality wellness products to alleviate weight loss and other serious health conditions. He provides trouble-free ordering process and insightful reviews of Isagenix products on his site.

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