In Many Ways CADCAM Press Is Losing Eminence!

What is objective writing?…Well being true in your words, not doing product fanboi’s and giving honest review. But no sooner one is paid for their writing, there starts pretend journalism and faux news and the hope of being objective about the subjects you pen. There is no way you cankeep that advertising revenue and tell the whole truth about the product you are reviewing.

This write up is for those who wants honest opinion on CAD/CAM. Some discontent can be shown owing to the products’ limitations and by those who for years have written absolute rubbish articles on CADCAM… especially CAM.

Rhino CAM

A video has been circulating that tells about Rhino done by Adam OHern who goes by the name of Cadjunkie. It was done a few years ago and it really takes the point that Rhino solids and filleting sucks! In the video Ohern claims that he can’t use Rhino without SpaceClaim. Adam’s got that right because it’s absolutely ridiculous that after all these years yet , Rhino still doesn’t have decent solids or decent filleting.

Creo Parametric

As per CAD/CAM press, Creo Parametric has been reported as being a total redo of Pro/E Wildfire with a new easy to use Windows Ribbon user interface. But was that the truth?…Nope!

Creo Parmetric user interface is a little more than a cosmetic rehab of Pro/E Wildfire, which in turn itself was a cosmetic rehab of Pro/E.

Once again PTC couldn’t deliver what they promised to deliver with Creo.

In truth the CREO Parametric still has tons of UNIX based menus in it. Can check out from web sources.

SolidWorks Blogs Are Dying

With the dying SolidWorks blogs and the leading SolidWorks “fog blog” that Matt Lombard runs is ruining the CAD/CAM stories. The fog blog is stale because of Matt’s censorship and besides being an arrogant and pompous; he’s a manufacturing blockhead. Several SolidWorks users posting to SolidWorks own forum have pointed this out to Lombard. His advice is to go to his own fog blog and rant and rave in an environment where the control in his hands.

For years Matt Lombard touted Mastercam as the leading solution for CAM programming on Usenet despite the fact that he doesn’t have any real machining experience and couldn’t machine his way out of a paper bag if he tried. The reality is that Mastercam is a cobbled together legacy code product with tons of problems and is no close to market leading technology. Mastercam is currently being dumped by long time Mastercam customers who’ve had enough of the bugs that never got fixed, the horrible treatment they recieve from CNC Software where the dealer always comes before the end user, etc.

On the SolidWorks’ fog blogs like that of Matt Lombards’, products that are much more advanced than Solidworks, like Missler’s TopSolid CADCAM 7, with its built in PDM, good configurations, their own 2D and 3D constraint manager, etc. don’t ever get discussed.

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