Barker and Barker Treats Shares Health Advice Tips for Dog Owners

By Sophie Reed

EGMANTON– May 27, 2014. Barker and Barker Treats have issued a set of guidelines for pet owners who buy dog treats. Though there is no shortage of dog training treats available, few provide the kind of sustenance that they need. According to Barker and Barker Treats, the best treats for dogs are low fat and natural.

The need for low fat dog treats has never been more necessary than now. The increased number of dog obesity cases is linked with the rise in diseases that afflict them. Without the benefit of natural dog treats they become susceptible to potentially fatal ailments like people.

Health experts also point out that healthy dog treats provide the sustenance they need to remain strong. In addition, natural food like fish treats for dogs let them to follow a natural diet. Furthermore, health studies show that liver treats for dogs are high in protein and have 100% natural ingredients.

Another reason why the best dog treats are natural is they don’t have any additives or chemicals that might prove harmful later on. In addition, natural supplements for dogs are low in fat, essential for training. The way these dog treats UK are prepared have changed significantly and have great taste.

Barker and Barker Treats recommend that owners only get natural dog supplements as they have all the nutrients that dogs need. Aside from high protein, natural supplements improve a dog’s immune system and promote healthy growth and energy.    



Barker and Barker Treats provides high quality, natural and nutritious treats for dogs regardless of breed. Since 1976, the company has never ceased in its desire to develop foods for dogs that are healthy and delicious such as Small Liver Treats and Blueberry Treats. For inquiries and more information please visit the official website at


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