Washington, D.C. - AIT Learning is happy to announce that they are holding an information session to meet the hiring managers of Capital One and learn more about the IT careers for finance professionals.

The information session will take place at the AIT Learning office in Chantilly, Virginia on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

During this information session, AIT Learning students will have the opportunity to present their resume and interview with Capital One’s hiring professionals. They will also learn more about the company, as well as present and future trends.

Capital One is one of the US’s biggest bank holding companies. As Capital One continues to develop, they look for employees who have extensive knowledge in both business and IT. With experience in both fields, their employees are able to determine the best and most financially beneficial practices for their company.

AIT Learning offers IT business analyst training in Northern Virginia. They help develop IT careers for finance professionals including bankers, and accountants. After training at AIT Learning, finance professionals have extensive knowledge in the IT field. They are able to go on to become IT business analysts and consultants.

“These information sessions are great for both employers and students,” said Sachin Rajgire, AIT Learning’s Cofounder. “It is important for our business professionals to understand what the financial sector is really looking for.”

This information session will be very beneficial to those who are looking to change their career path and preparing to take on new challenges. As the demand for financial professionals decreases and the demand for IT professionals increases, AIT Learning is helping experts in business make the transition.

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AIT Learning was founded to provide IT consultant training for finance professionals. Students enroll in bootcamp style classes to make them high level IT consultants. Their office is located in Northern Virginia. For more information on AIT Learning’s information sessions and classes, visit their website or email

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