Los Angeles Mass Transit Authority Awards $19.5M Graffiti Abatement Contract to Graffiti Shield, Inc.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. has been awarded a first-of-its-kind contract with the Los Angeles Mass Transit Authority (LAMTA) to install and maintain patent-pending protective films covering approximately 900,000 square feet of stainless steel per year in an effort to minimize graffiti damage and improve the appearance and comfort within rail stations throughout Los Angeles over the next five years.

Jeff Green, CEO and co-founder of Graffiti Shield, Inc. commented, “Graffiti damage in the Los Angeles area costs the public millions of dollars each year. The cumulative cost of glass restoration, graffiti removal, property repair and restoration, loss of property value and even loss of revenue can be overwhelming – and they’re on the rise.” 

Mike Schuch, President and co-founder adds “Traditionally, it was paint on walls that we were up against, but over the years we started to see more types of surfaces being hit. Whether it was glass, mirrors or stainless steel, traditional solutions weren’t working because of the substrate’s structural nature so the damage became permanent. We had to create solutions that could diminish the destructive momentum graffiti generates.”

These solutions manifested through innovative use of thin-film technology into products such as Glass Shield™, which provides a nearly invisible protection layer between the glass and graffiti vandal and Metal Shield™, a product that replicates the appearance of stainless steel and protects the structure from graffiti damage and etching while being easily removed and replaced, minimizing cost of upkeep and repair.

LAMTA, Green and Schuch have a 15 year history of combatting graffiti together through an ongoing contract for glass protection in their train stations through another arm of their corporation, Xlnt Tint. Through this relationship and the need for a stainless steel solution, Graffiti Shield has introduced unique products that offer an unforeseen opportunity to combat a graffiti issue that shows no signs of slowing down.