Kairos Jewellery Announces Trollbeads and Other Jewellery Collection for 2014

By Rickey M. Taylor

Brampton, Cumbria – April 30, 2014. Kairos Jewellery, one of the leading independent jewelers in Cambria, recently announced the release of their new Trollbeads collection including the Blue and Pink Sparkling Bangles as well as variants in Iceblue and sparkling white, all of which are in addition to the others in the collection like Falcon, Snake and Jewel Fairy.

Aside from these, the company issued a statement that they have a new Cherry Blossom Collection to go along with their Spring and Easter 2014 collections. Aside from these, Kairos Jewellery has a wide array of Chamilia beads in different styles such as silver, crystal and art glass among others. Their Chamilia line also includes bracelets, collections, necklaces and earrings, and there is an extensive Chamilia set for Season 3 and 4 for 2013 and Season 1 2014.

However, the company’s offerings do not end there as they now have an extensive collection of children’s jewellery including gold earrings, bracelets, pendants and glass beads. In addition to this, Kairos Jewellery also offers exclusive ladies’ jewellery including but not limited to earrings, rings, pendants and bangles. The company also announced that they are expanding their men’s jewellery and accessories line so shoppers can choose from wider selections of pendants, necklaces and other related accessories.   

Among the most popular Chamilia beads are the birthstones, Disney, enamel and Murano Glass, and they also offer accessories from well known brands like Bullets4Peace, Number 39, UniQue, Flower Power and Heartbreaker.       

About Kairos Jewellery

Kairos Jewellery is one of the pioneering independent jewellers in the UK today. Located at Brampton, Cambria near Hadrian’s Wall, Kairos Jewellery has established a reputation for delivering high quality jewellery at affordable prices. While the company is best known for their fine collections of bracelets, beads and accessories, they also provide clock and jewellery repair services. 

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