keyboard_arrow_up Started Selling Wide Range of Marked Cards for Gamblers Eager to Clinch Win

China -, the online trading window of Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Co, recently announced that they have launched a variety of marked cards which can be used as effective poker cheating devices. One of the largest poker cheating device manufacturers in China, manufactures, distributes and provides services for a wide range of poker cheating devices, of which marked cards are the most popular, the owners revealed.

“Apart from the marked cards systems, we also have invisible ink, poker analyzer systems, spy camera systems, dice systems and mahjong systems and many other cheating devices. However, the bee marked cards, Da Vinci marked cards, Copag marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Fournier 2818 marked cards, and also spy cameras and invisible ink are the most popular products as of now. We believe that with the launch of the new products, we will be able to capture a larger market”, said a sales executive of during a press conference.

Apart from the marked cards, the company has also launched camera lenses that look like iPhone power bank camera lens , shirt button camera lens , hanging lamp camera lens and many other things that can help poker players in winning their games against unsuspecting opponents. The owners, however, said that the CVK 350 poker analyzer, USB cable camera, leather belt spy camera, and other types of poker cheating devices are selling well.

“On our trading and ecommerce website, one can also find exclusive poker cheating tips and advices directly from the veterans of the game and other people who are closely associated with the industry. We can definitely show our users how to use the marked cards and other poker cheating devices that are now extremely popular among poker players the world over”, added the sales executive.

The CEO of the poker cheating device manufacturing company nestled in Guangzhou province of China told the press that he is optimistic about steady sales growth through the next quarter. “We believe that the marked cards will elevate our acceptability among our customers, both old and new, and we look to reach unchartered heights in the beginning of the next quarter”, he signed off.

About the Company is a China based manufacturer of poker cheating devices.

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