Fully description about strong points and shortcoming of the newly powder paint

China - In addition to the gradually unpopular traditional liquid coating paint, the newly interior painting material powder paint has become the first choice for all of these modern people. There are many good points of this new decorated paint. Now, the technician from famous China powder coating factory supplier will tell people all of these strong points of their products.

First, the power paint does contain non-toxic, solvent-free and non- toxic volatile substances. So, there are no the adversely problems such as intoxication, fire or wastes" emissions and other pollution problems. This kind of product could fully compliance with national environmental laws.

Second, the raw material utilization, some well-known brands of Electrostatic Powder Coating could be easily recycled the powder which has been overspray. The highest utilization rate of this painting product could be over 99 percent. This point could not be surpassed by other traditional painting product.

After the painting process for these painted objects, people do not need to do other unnecessary remedy. After once painting, the spraying coating surface could totally reach to the sufficient thickness so that this painting product could help to easy to achieve the automate operation, high production efficiency and the working cost could also be largely reduced.

Fourthly, the coating surface of the powder paint has thick dense coating, good adhesion, high performance for anti-impact strength and toughness. On the other hand, as the nature of the powder products, this kind of product has very high coverage rate and it also own excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation properties.

At last, as the high performance of the powder paint, the transportation and storage for this product will be very safety and convenience . This feature of the powder paint should be much better than the traditional liquid coating paint.

In addition to all of these strong points above, there are also some shortcomings for the powder paint. The most crucial shortcoming should be that the curing conditions for this paint have certain limitations which should be the limited curing temperature and long time wasting.

On the other hand, the powder paint should be kept away from sources of ignition and direct sunlight. The best place for storage should be the place where has well-ventilated and the room temperature need to be maintain below 35 degrees. The places where could be easy to be polluted by water, organic solvents, oils and other materials should also be totally avoided.


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