Atlanticus Offers Credit Card Investment and Servicing Activities

Atlanta, Georgia :Atlanticus Holdings Corporation better known as Atlanticus in the financial world offers credit card investment and servicing activities in the United States of America and United Kingdom. The services rendered by the financial holding organization in this sphere relates to the portfolios bought and receivables obtained by the company and its investing partners. 

The company operates in the financial market through its broad spectrum of subsidiaries aiming towards proffering credit related services for its shareholders and customers. The receivables comprise those originated through and purchased from third-party financial organizations. The company also extends its credit offerings to proffer credit to customers who have been refused loans and credit cards by other regular high-street financial institutions. In this endeavor, they seek to enter into partnerships with retailers of myriad industries in the US and give them credit for offering the same to their customers at point of sale. In short, Atlanticus targets the ‘sub-prime’ consumer credit market, which is considered as a high-risk one and is extremely underserved.

Revealing more about their credit investment and servicing activities, the CEO and Chairman of the company David G. Hanna said, “At Atlanticus we aim at proffering credit lending and investment opportunities to financial institutions across UK and US that in turn offer credit solutions to their customers. As a financial holding company of repute, we have been able to cover up other areas of credit products including those of Private Label Merchant Credit, Collection Operations, Underwriting, Loan Servicing and Marketing whereby our services are rendered towards third parties. Through our financial lending facilities extended to our partner retailers customers can obtain credit when they purchase certain products from the particular retailers.”

Through its credit investment department, Atlanticus also seeks to endeavor into other new products and building relationships via limited activities in ancillary finance and technology investments. Investors contemplating on investing in Atlanticus’ stocks of credit lending can do so through registered brokerage as they are not available for sale directly and need to be obtained via stock transfer.

Added the CEO, “Over its 75 years of operation and experience Atlanticus has engaged into purchasing, converting and servicing a whopping amount of $6.8 billion receivables with 7.8 million accounts including auto loan, credit loans, installment loans, consumer loans and several other areas. Our widespread network across the whole of US and UK, impeccable technology and global infrastructure make it easier for our clients to reach out to us and boost sales by obtaining credit lending services at low rates.”

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About Atlanticus
Atlanticus Financial Holding Corporation engages in proffering various kinds of credit and investment solutions to third parties and organizations that offer financial services. The company is headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia but also has offices in Lake Mary and Las Vegas in US and Crawford and London in UK. The company was formerly reputed as CompuCredit Holdings Corporation and is listed under NASDAQ. It provides financial services in segments such as telecommunication products, debt waiver, life insurance along with membership investments in specific buying cubs and travel services.

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