Meet Brand Ambassador Roderick “Rocky” Stubblefield

Rocky Stubblefield doesn’t just like Stubb’s Barbecue sauce – it’s in his blood.  His grandfather C.B. “Stubb” Stubblefield invented the famous sauces, rubs and marinades that have become the nation’s number one super-premium, all-natural barbecue line.

Like most kids in Texas, Rocky grew up loving barbecued ribs, brisket and chicken, especially those from his Pepaw’s legendary Stubb’s restaurant. As Rocky grew older, he followed his grandfather into the family business, Stubb’s Bar-B-Q.  There he learned the secrets of the grill and his grandfather’s famous sauce while listening to the sound of blues music coming from the dining room.

But Stubb did more than just teach Rocky about barbecue; he taught him a lot about loving life, people and good food with his homespun words of wisdom, dubbed “Stubbisms,” Some of those sayings are featured  under the cap of each bottle of sauce.

Rocky was just 22 when Stubb died.  Soon, he went to work for the small company that started up to keep Stubb’s memory and recipes alive – Stubb’s Legendary Kitchen, which was bottling the sauces that were known statewide for being the best.

Today the company and Stubb’s legacy has grown to national recognition, and Rocky shares his grandfather’s traditions and Stubbisms as a spokesman and grillmaster for the company.