Aureus Medical shares simple ways to stay fit as a travel nurse

Omaha, NE (February 23, 2015) - When you're at home, you might rely on the gym to work out, but when you're on assignment, you may not have that option. Travel nursing jobs leader, Aureus Medical Group, shares simple ways to stay fit as a travel nurse.

Who said you need a gym in order to stay in shape as a travel nurse? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road just takes a bit of creativity. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep up with your fitness routine.

Pack the right items
When you leave for an assignment, don't just pack clothing, pack some fitness equipment as well. You don't have to fill your bag with heavy dumbbells, however. A few of these light basics should give you all you need for a quick workout in in your rented apartment:

  • Jump rope: This lightweight fitness tool is perfect for an effective cardio workout.
  • Resistance tubes: These tubes can curl up right into the corner of your suitcase, not taking up much space at all. Tie one of these around the leg of a bed or a heavy desk, and use the resistance band to work your triceps, biceps and shoulders.
  • Yoga mat: This mat is perfect for stretching before and after workouts, but it's ideal for yoga. Bring along a yoga DVD with you on your assignments so you can stay limber and in shape wherever you are.
  • Inflatable yoga ball: There are so many core exercises you can do using a yoga ball. Deflate the ball, stick it in the bottom of your suitcase, and inflate when you arrive at your destination.
  • Athletic shoes
  • Comfortable exercise clothing

Check the area
There may be a few gyms in the area that you can check out which may offer short term memberships. Ask your colleagues at work for gym recommendations and if you're in an apartment, the management office may have information available. Just because you're only staying in an area for a short amount of time doesn't mean it's not worth it to join a gym.

Schedule a workout
Workouts typically don't happen unless you make them a priority. There are always things that seem to get in the way. But if you schedule exercise into your day, you'll make time for it. Once you receive your shift schedule, figure out the best time in the day to fit in a quick workout, whether it's in the morning or at the end of your day.

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