Cheap high protein foods without meat

As long as we are talking about protein foods, this time we got the chance to write about some cheap high protein foods without meat which you can eat on your daily basis. These kind of foods sometimes may be the best source of high protein foods because as we know some vegetarian foods are the best sources of protein you can check high protein vegetarian foods for more useful and advantageous things about some of the best vegetarian foods that high in protein. Anyway, in these tough economic times, some people may not be able to eat daily red or white meat, this situation can be in some poor houses, and sometimes eating these kinds of high protein foods could be needful and sometimes not because only meatless high protein foods can offset the amount of meat you should eat. These cheap high protein foods without meat are less expensive rich protein foods you could include in your daily or regular diet .

In this article, we gathered the best meatless protein choices, and these cheap meatless high protein foods include some various amino acids and different qualities of protein. And it is the time to discover these cheap protein foods without meat and they are right below :
  • NUTS: *per 1/4 cup
Walnuts: 4g*

Peanuts: 9g*

Pistachios: 6g*

  • SEEDS: *per 1/4 cup
Sunflower seeds: 8g*
Sesame seeds: 6g*
Pumpkin seeds: 9g*

  • SOY: *per ounces

Edamame: 29g/cup

  • EGGES:

Sesame seeds: 21g*

Tofu: 9g*

- Boiled: 6g
- White only: 5g
- Egge substitute:
5g/ 1.5 fluid ounces

They were the best cheap foods that high in protein without meat you can include in your diet, or to economize the cost of your daily foods shopping or if you are looking for protein and you always find expensive high protein foods, we gave you the best solution and the healthiest one. Anyhow,  as we mentioned before this protein meatless foods can work as well to build strong muscles if you are interested in bodybuilding or you are a body builder feel free to read Bodybuilders High Protein Foods.

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