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The report titled “Global Synthetic Marble Market: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)” analyses the potential opportunities and significant trends in the synthetic marble market all over the world. The market size and forecast in terms of value for global market has been provided with a market outlook for the period 2015 to 2019. The report also provides detailed sub segment analysis of the global synthetic marble market and market share analysis of the major players.

The report provides market analysis of the global synthetic/ artificial marble market, the report contains both actual and forecasted market size of the synthetic marble market considering 2014 as base year. The global market share analysis of the synthetic marble industry by players and types is also provided with strategic insights for next five years. Complete report available at

The major players in the synthetic marble market are also focused in the report with their business overview, financial status and the business strategies adopted by the company to increase their market share. The report also provides with the major market trends which include growing demand for engineered stone, new housing segment, demand of cast polymers in the U.S. and an upsurge in the unsaturated polyester resin market. The report also focuses on the major growth drivers as well as challenges of the synthetic marble market.

Country Coverage: Korea & The U.S.

Synthetic Marble Market Company Coverage:
• Lion Chemtech Co. Ltd.
•  LG Hausys Ltd.
•  Hanwha Corporation

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Synthetic marble is a composite of resins like acrylate, polyester and fillers. Fillers can be silica, calcium carbonate and so on. The raw materials required for manufacturing synthetic marble are filler, sap, gel coat, strong or fluid color and impetus. Filler act as an aggregate and must exist up to 85%to 95%by weight. Pigment is added to get the desired color. Artificial marbles require gel coats since moldings made without gel coats are vulnerable to stress cracking and have a tendency to stain. The combination agent is a small molecule that aids in the diffusion of a solid particulate substance into a liquid medium. Synthetic marble is broadly classified into three categories: Acrylic marble, Unsaturated polyester marble and Inorganic artificial marble.

The report also provides detailed country analysis of the Korea and the U.S., major exporting and importing country of synthetic marble market. The report provides the market sizing by value of Korea along with the export trend, major players in the market and the major growth driver of the market of Korea. The U.S. synthetic marble market has also been focused providing with the market volume and the major growth driver of the market in the country.

Marble production is dominated by 4 countries that account for almost half of world production of marble and decorative stone. Synthetic marble market is largely manufactured in China and Italy, and constituting the world’s largest share in exports. This market gained momentum in the year 2011 and is projected to raise its market share in the recent years due to upsurge in the real estate sector. The market share of synthetic marble is governed mainly by MMA-Based synthetic marble.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction
2.1. Types of Rocks
2.2. Marble
2.2.1. Types of Marbles
2.3. Synthetic Marble
2.3.1. Types of Synthetic Marble
2.3.2. Advantages of Synthetic Marble over Natural Marble
2.3.3. Disadvantages of Synthetic Marble
2.3.4. Chemical Composition
2.3.5. Manufacturing Process
2.3.6. Color and Pattern in the Artificial Marble

3. Global Marble Market: An Analysis
3.1. Global Marble Market: Present Scenario
3.2. Global Synthetic Marble Market: An Analysis
3.2.1. Global Synthetic Marble Market by Value
3.2.2. Global Synthetic Marble Market by Types
3.2.2. Global Synthetic Marble Market by Players

4. Country Analysis
4.1. Korea Synthetic Marble Market: Sizing and Growth
4.1.1. Korea Synthetic Marble Market by value
4.1.2. Korea Synthetic Marble Exports
4.1.3. Korea Synthetic Marble Market Major Players
4.1.4. Korea Synthetic Marble Market Growth Driver
4.2. The U.S. Synthetic Marble Market: Sizing and Growth
4.2.1. The U.S. Synthetic Marble Market by Volume
4.2.2. The U.S. Synthetic Marble Market Growth Driver

5. Market Dynamics

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