British Paints offers the best Textured Paint Products and Tips on How to use Them

New Delhi, 8 January 2014: British Paints, the ace paint manufacturing company of India is the country’s largest dealer of textured wall paint products. The company has now brought in a wide range of textured and cement paints that can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Basically customers can make use of these products to obtain a bespoke look on their walls as well as add an element of customization to their homes.

A company official spokesperson added that,”Texture and character can be added to the walls with the use of our products. Some really simple painting tips like faux painting are great way to give a renovated look to those old and boring walls. Nuances can be added to liven up walls by using our textured paint products for a long lasting effect. Xtracem, Extra-Tex Rough Finish and Expa-Tex Super fine paint products work great on ceilings and exterior walls. Interior walls can be beautified with our decorative texture paints.”

Insiders from the company revealed that texture can be added to the walls in various ways. The product range in this category has a number of finishes such as egg shell, satin and flat. These paints can be obtained in pre mixed form or in packets. Packets of powdered texture can be mixed with sand and or to a standard wall emulsion. Advantage of textured paints is that these can be mixed with both latex paints and oil based wall paints. Shiny finishes can also be obtained but exterior walls should be painted with them. 

Another company representative said that, “We gladly offer painting tips for textured walls. That is why we deal in pre mixed texture paints because they are apt for usage on walls and ceilings. Desirable results on either of the surfaces can be obtained by making sure that the right product is being used on the right surface. It is therefore advisable to check the paint package in advance for best results. The look of exterior and interior walls at home renders best results on prepped and latex primed walls. Then a well mixed paint and texture powder mixture can be applied on.”

An insider also revealed that it is best to carry out texture painting with British Paint products on 3’ x 3’ sections at a time. It should be carried out in well ventilated rooms for best results. More details on British Paints texture paint products and tips on how to use them are available at

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