Craft Projects That Use Bugle Beads

Bugle beads are glass beads that are produced in tubular shapes, with diameters between 1mm and 2mm.  These beads are available at, along with other bead types such as stone beads, crystal beads, wooden beads, acrylic beads, other glass beads, porcelain beads and so many more. The lengths of bugles also vary from 2mm and 12mm, but these Pandahall beads can also be available in length of up to 35mm long. These beads are manufactured in Japan and the Czech Republic.

The shapes of bugle beads include smooth and squared, smooth and round, squared and twisted, twisted hex-cut or plain hex-cut.  You can find bugles with either square or round holes. Usually, the round holes are smaller than the squares, so in stitching square-holed Pandahall beads, you can pass the needle several times through them. Another thing about the square holes of bugles is that, they add extra sparkle to transparent bugles by functioning as the beads’ internal facets.

There are two other craft projects that can use bugle beads besides being part of a jewelry design.  These projects include clothing embellishment and fringe for home décor elements. You can create some beaded designs on t-shirts, handbags or sweaters with the use of patterns, beading needles, threads and some Pandahall beads, such as bugles. Use chalk when transferring the design to a sweater because it can wash away easily when you have completed your beading.

Follow along the design outlines, once they are already on a sweater or t-shirt.  Use stitches that include bugle beads, crystal beads, pearls or a combination of other Pandahall beads.  Continuing with your stitches, follow through the design up to the last bead until your work is done.  Then make the knots at the back of the garment securely tied by dotting them with a clear nail polish.  With regards to beaded fringe, you can apply these beads to ribbons, other garments, lamp shades and other things that you can stitch through with selected beads and a beading needle.  The elongated shapes of bugle beads allow these Pandahall beads to lend themselves naturally to fringe designs.

Most bugle beads’ edges, especially the Czech bugles, are sharp that they can cut or fray the beading thread. However, in projects that require the use of these beads, you can buffer them with smooth edged beads that include the use of seed beads or small round beads. They will protect not only the stringing material but also sometimes your skin and clothing from being scratched.  Adding other Pandahall beads to the bugles will also create flexibility to your design; a strand of mixed bugles and other beads will move more fluidly than a strand of just bugles.

There is an issue about the inconsistent sizing of bugle beads, some of which are offered as one size, but actually have varying sizes. This problem is most common with the 35mm, 20mm bugles and other longer Pandahall beads.  If your craft design requires a uniform size, you will need to check each bead’s actual length before starting your actual stitching work.