How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day: A Guide for Grooms

So: you’ve met the girl of your dreams, introduced her to your family and been introduced to hers, and you’ve made the decision that she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now what? Simple: you just have to plan the biggest, most expensive party of your life for all of your friends and family members -- no pressure! While the idea of getting engaged, planning a wedding, honeymoon, and life together may seem daunting, it’s much simpler when you break it down and take it piece by piece. This article is a guide for prospective grooms to help them focus on what’s important on the road to finding wedded bliss.

The Engagement

Obviously, in order to get her to say “I do” at the alter, the first thing you have to do is get her to say “I do” to the idea of marrying you. For fun proposal ideas, try searching YouTube -- thousands of people have memorialized that moment with video, and you can learn from their successes (or failures). Other traditional options are to take her to a place that’s special to the both of you, like the site of your first date, your first kiss, or where you first met.

The importance of the ring cannot be overstated. The old adage (courtesy of a diamond company) is that a ring should cost two month’s salary -- and now some people even say three. More important than a high price tag or a gaudy diamond, however, is a ring that means something to the recipient. Talk to your partner about gemstones and materials that they like, and which have significance to them, or try in vogue materials like mother of pearl, gold nugget, and alexandrite rings.


During the planning and preparation process it can be easy to just check out and let your partner make all the choices, but it is important to keep yourself involved. Don’t be a no-opinion groom -- if you like something (or especially if you dislike something) speak up and let your bride know. She’ll appreciate the concrete feedback, and you won’t have to suffer through a wedding you don’t enjoy.

Be proactive about helping; don’t just lay back and wait to be told to do something -- offer to take care of things like gifts for your groomsmen and the DJ or music playlists, and to help plan your honeymoon.

This is also when you will have to decide on your ring; when it comes to men’s rings, opt for something simple and masculine, like sterling silver or a Damascus steel ring. You’re the person that has to wear it -- make sure it’s something you’ll be proud to be seen with for the rest of your life.

During Your Wedding

During the wedding, the groom has one job more important than all others: to have fun! Do your best to take stress off your bride by going with the flow, dealing with any problems that come up calmly and with good humor -- and by not hitting the champagne too hard. People will be offering you shots and toasts throughout -- make sure you pace yourself -- and remember that you’ll want to remember this day!

Preparing for a wedding is a two-person operation, and your bride needs you to hold up your end of the operation. During the wedding process it is the groom’s job to make everything easier and to keep his wife-to-be happy, so offer to help whenever possible and do your part to help create the best night of both of your lives!

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