Australia's most haunted locations!

The notion of a place or property being ‘haunted’ has existed for many years and whether you believe in ghosts or not, the tales behind these places will send shivers down your spine! And you might be interested to know that two of these spooky-locations are situated right here in WA…

Oakabella Homestead, W.A

Often said to be the most haunted pieces of land in Western Australia, the area is located between Geraldton and Northampton. There has been much reported paranormal activity at Oakabella, doors opening and closing on their own, the feeling of a 'presence', strange lights, smells and temperature drops.

The Homestead sits on 50,000 acres of land and was built in 1851. The interior resembles that of a museum- untouched for many years. There are stories of curses, death, strange accidents, great sickness, affairs and murders that make up the homestead history. Some believe this place is a spiritual portal- a place built on native sacred ground that is a "magnet" for spiritual energy. So much so, that the current care taker dreamt of a similar homestead as a child and believes she was bought to the place by a spiritual pull. 

Princess Theatre, VIC

Melbourne’s Princess Theatre was established in 1854, and is known as a haunted location due to Frederick Baker, a ghostly resident who has haunted the theatre’s stage and dressing rooms since 1888.

On the evening of March 3rd, the baritone Frederick Baker, known as Frederick Federici, was performing a role in Gounod’s opera Faust, before he suffered a heart attack and died almost immediately. Frederick never returned to the stage to take a bow, however when the company were told of his death, they were sure Frederick had joined them on stage to enjoy the applause.

There has been several ghostly claims since and for many years, a seat in the third row in the dress circle was kept vacant in his honour.

Manly Quarantine Station, NSW

Manly’s Quarantine Station was first built in 1828 with the aim of preventing the spread of deadly illness throughout Australia such as Spanish Influenza and Smallpox. Thousands of new arrivals from disease-ridden ships arrived from all over the world and were forced to stay at the station for months, often living in filthy conditions.

Hundreds of people died from disease and neglect, with their spirits said to haunt the area now. Visitors to the station are said to experience cold spots, strange lights, unpleasant feelings and unexplained smells of lemon and potato – bizarre!

National Film and Sound Archive, ACT

Prior to 1984, the location operated as the Australian Institute of Anatomy, where  body parts were collected and stored.

Nowadays, the building in Canberra operates as a living archive of important images and sounds considered worthy of preservation.

Yet, people still believe the presence of the dead haunt the hallways of the building to this day. The downstairs corridor which houses hundreds of human skulls is a mass of paranormal activity and a contractor even claims to have been pinned against a wall by an unexplained presence.

Boggo Road Gaol, QLD

Since being established in 1883, Boggo Road Gaol was known as one of the country’s most infamous prisons, housing hardened criminals and even harder wardens.

The premises was a place of execution until 1913, with 42 prisoners hung at the gaol. Before closing in 1989, it held some of Australia’s most notable and dangerous inmates including Hon. Gordon Brown – a former President of the Australian Senate and Ellen Thomson – the only woman executed in Queensland.

As you can imagine, given its history of riots, executions and fatal overcrowding, the gaol has an extensive history of ghostly encounters.

The premises remains the only intact gaol in Queensland, open to the public for guided historical and ghost tours.

Fremantle Arts Centre, WA

Built by convicts in 1864, the building operated as a mental asylum called “Fremantle’s Convict Establishment Lunatic Asylum and Invalid Depot” and is believed to be one of the most active haunted locations in the southern hemisphere.

Throughout the life of the building, visitors have reported all the spooky signs of a haunted location – cold spots, ghostly touches, apparitions, moving lights and general strange feelings. The building has even been investigated by ghost hunters who heard eerie voices saying phrases like, “those are chains” and “it’s not cold” – how scary!

Port Arthur, TAS

Port Arthur is recognised as one of Australia’s most significant heritage areas after being the destination for the hardest convicted British criminals. The prison was completed in 1835 and was known as a harsh and brutal penal settlement where some prisoners committed murder (an offence punishable by death) just to escape the misery of life at the camp.

Hundreds of men died during Port Arthur’s existence as a convict settlement, with the spirits of these men said to be present still. Some visitors even claim to see the Lady in Blue – a weeping spirit of a women who died during childbirth.

Some local accommodation to the area have an “Unusual Occurrence Form” where guests are able to note anything spooky they have sighted during their stay. There has been more than 2000 apparitions lodged in the past two decades.