Obtaining an accurate auto transport quote

Knowing your car transport needs and what to expect is the first step to obtaining an accurate auto transport quote. There are many factors that determine how much car transportation will cost including distance and the size of the vehicle, but these are not the only components that are taken into consideration. Not being informed could have you paying more than you thought and more than you need to in the end. Here are some tips to get not only the best auto transport quote but an accurate one.


First, you should always research any car transport company you are considering. It is not advisable to immediately go for the lowest price because this can end up costing you more in the long run. Many auto transport companies offer online quote generators but if you read the disclaimers most will tell you that the quote is simply a close estimate and that other factors may change the price. For this reason it is advisable to only use the the online quote generators as a starting point. Talking to a representative is a great way to make sure there are no hidden fees to surprise you. Certain factors such as car location and whether or not your vehicle is inoperable can change the price. Another thing to take into consideration is if insurance costs and fuel surcharges are included in the quote. If they are not included, the quote will change once they are factored in.


There are many optional services out there that can change your total cost as well. Enclosed auto shipping is one of these. This service does cost more than open shipping but the benefits can be worth the difference. Online auto transport quotes are not going to include this option unless specifically asked, so this is where talking to a representative can come in handy. If you need the move done fast the auto transport quote can be wrong too. Just like enclosed shipping, expedited shipping can cost more and generally involves an extra charge. Another service that may cost more is door to door service. Some car transportation companies automatically factor this into the quote but others use terminals where you would drop off and pick up your car. If you want your car dropped off and picked up at your location make sure you ask a company representative if this service will cost more.


Acquiring a reliable auto transport quote does not have to give you a headache. Knowing what goes into a quote and all the optional services involved will get you the most accurate quote for your needs. Research and due diligence are key. Obtain auto transport quotes from many different companies, then compare the services included. Don’t let hidden fees surprise you, be informed!