Total-Wellness-Cleanse-Review Asks Whether the Wellness Cleanse Really Works

US – is an informative website dedicated to providing advice and information regarding the wellness cleanse. In order to assess whether or not the cleanse really works, the website discusses what it actually involves, what the benefits and downsides may be, how to recognize toxins and how much the program will typically cost.

The cleanse for Total Wellness is a course that aims to train individuals how to ultimately remove all of the toxins that are currently residing within their bodies through changing their lifestyle and eating habits. The course takes place in two stages over a thirty-day period. The initial portion of the course is generally referred to as the cleansing phase, and during this period individuals are encouraged to rid their body of all remaining toxins through the process of proper nutrition and healthy eating. Once the body has been rid of all toxins, the phase of maintenance begins, and individuals are taught how to transition their bodies into a regular lifestyle and diet whilst keeping toxins out of their system.

This Total Wellness Cleanse was created by a nutritionist called Yuri Elkaim, who had struggled with various issues throughout his life such as asthma, eczema, and alopecia, and began to look for a way to tackle the side effects of feeling consistently fatigued, reduced energy and even body hair loss. After approaching various doctors and spending years battling illness, the mind behind the Cleanse began to explore natural methods and realised that harmful toxins had begun to build up within his body.

In regards to his journey throughout the Cleanse and what the program is capable of doing, the website comments that individual behind the process took part in a quest to completely rid his body of toxins. After six months of cleansing, the individual found that his energy levels had begun to grow, his skin seemed healthier and his body hair had begun to grow back, helping to increase his confidence and general attitude towards life. This feel-good sensation prompted Yuri to spread the news of his experience with as many people as possible, claiming that it is capable of enriching the life of anyone and everyone.


Total-Wellness-Cleanse-Review provides helpful insight about getting rid of toxins and how the wellness cleanse can help to improve people’s lives by enhancing their energy and well-being.

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