Precision FlameCutting and Steel Offers Quality Metal Cutting Services for the Residents and Businesses of the Gulf Coast

Houston, TX--January 24. 2014--Need some steel cut? If you are in Texas, the name you trust is Precision Flame cutting.

Established in 1975, Precision Flame Cutting and Steel has been cutting steel for a variety of customers for a variety of different reasons. If you need steel cut, they can cut it.

As experts in cutting steel plates and more, the master craftsmen at Precision Flame cutting and Steel have taken a small, niche business and grown it into the leader in precision flame, plasma and Waterjet Cutting Services in the Gulf Coast region and beyond.

"For us, the word precision is so much more than just a catchy name for our business. We believe in precision, not only in the steel cutting services we provide, but in the attention we pay to delivering quality customer service, offering specialty materials, staying on top of industry knowledge and meeting stringent deadlines with careful and seamless signoff each and every time."

At Precision Flame cutting and Steel, they offer a wide variety of precision steel cutting services. Currently, they offer:

Flame cutting

Flame cutting has been the core business of this company since 1975. Today, Flame Cutting Services are conducted by using one of nine state-of-the-art flame cutting machines that they house. Each machine is operated by some one of the most experienced burners in the industry. Our experience and skill is unparalleled when it comes to flame cutting.

Plasma cutting

Precision Flame cutting and Steel also offers plasma cutting services to our customers. They currently house two cutting edge plasma cutting machines and have hired expert operators that allow them to be able to provide high-definition and contour beveling to any steel cutting project.

Waterjet cutting

You may have seen how versatile waterjets are when it comes to cutting intricate designs out of steel. Precision Flame Cutting and Steel offers the waterjet services you need to produce the highest quality small detail in your steel or aluminum project.

And these are just a few of the services Precision Flame cutting and Steel has to offer.

Our Team: your partner in quality

Simply put, the highly trained professionals at Precision Flame Cutting and Steel take pride in the work they produce for each customer. They work hard to ensure that each customer's project is completed on time and within specifications. Each team member works together to understand the needs of each customer and translate those needs into project specifications and industry specifications that produce quality turnkey projects.

About Precision Flame Cutting and Steel

Since 1975, Precision Flame Cutting and Steel has been providing high quality metal cutting services to the individuals and businesses of the Gulf Coast. Starting as a small business, they have worked their way up to becoming the best precision metal cutting company in the region. They offer quality metal cutting services using a number of techniques. For more information regarding the services Precision Flame Cutting and Steel provides or to talk to a project manager regarding a project you need completed, please visit