From Play It Again Sports To Sporting Good Fortune In Real Estate


Scottsdale, AZ - Former Play It Again Sports owner, Bill Predebon, who has been a part of more than 120 real estate transactions especially fix-and-flip properties, is well on his way to achieving great financial success.

His latest ventures include several lucrative fix-and-flip real estate deals in Phoenix. He is also looking at a number of deals outside of Arizona, including fix-and-flip and commercial properties in Chicago. "The Windy City is a great location right now for wholesale real estate," said Predebon.

Predebon is now enjoying the fruits of his labor in real estate as principal of Creative Solutions Investments, LLC based in Phoenix. But the road to his success has been filled with plenty of financial potholes and roadblocks. The former Play It Again Sports proprietor, who owned four locations, has endured his fair share of difficulties. "I bought out two of my partners and grossly overpaid them by more than $200,000."

The sporting goods industry also wasn't nearly as glamorous as one might expect. "My phone would ring off the hook while I was on the golf course with friends. I sometimes had to leave early due to work emergencies. It got so bad that my friends refused to golf with me anymore."

Predebon eventually left the sporting goods industry and transitioned into real estate in during the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. He was a licensed agent who focused on short sales. He also worked as a loan officer. "I eventually learned the process for short sales was anything but short and that banks were closing faster than I was closing loans."

Predebon then decided to turn his attention to real estate investing. He quickly learned fix-and-flip strategies and techniques that have now allowed him to fix-and-flip his financial life, as well as make it interesting. "One of my properties caught fire. The good news is that it is insured, so I expect to make even more money when I sell it."

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