Americas Polyether Polyol Market by Application (Fexible Foams, Rigid Foams, Others), by Geography (U.S., Brazil, Rest of Americas) - Analysis & Forecast (2013-2020)

The Americas chemical industry is a significant part of the country’s economy. The U.S. is the largest consumer of polyols, followed by Brazil and others. The polyether polyols market witnessed a decline in its demand in Americas in recent years, owing to the decline in activities in construction, automotive, and electronics industries. With time, the industry has undergone massive globalization and consolidation with heavy capital investments and development projects to maintain its position in the global market. As the key application industries, such as construction, automotive, and electronics industries gradually recover from the impacts of the global recession, the demand for polyether polyols is expected to increase in this region.

The polyether polyols market is experiencing enormous growth which is expected to continue in the near future. Considerable amounts of investments are made by various market players to serve the end-user applications industry. Americas polyether polyols market accounted for around 23% market share of the total global demand in 2014. The region is further expected to show a high growth in the future, mainly due to the high growth potential of end-use applications in the U.S. and Brazil.

The revenue of the global polyether polyol market is estimated to grow at a faster rate than its volume as a result of the increasing prices of polyols. Polyether polyol are produced from propylene oxide (PO), ethylene oxide (EO), and so on, which are derived by petrochemical feedstock. Thus, the polyols market is heavily dependent on crude oil prices. Any rise and fall in oil prices is expected to reflect in the polyether polyols market prices. The rapid growth in end-user industries has proven to be a key driving factor in the growth of the polyether polyols market. The global polyurethane industry is growing at a rapid pace and has paved way for growth of the polyether polyols market.

Almost 46% of the total polyether polyol demand in Americas was from the flexible foams applications in 2014, with automotive industry being the fastest-growing end-use segments, primarily due to its high penetration across the region.
The polyether polyols market in Americas is primarly driven by the growing demand for derivatives, increasing construction activities, and high consumption in automotive applications.
This study estimates the market of polyether polyols duringthe forecast period. This market research study provides a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Americas polyether polyols market.
Leading companies operating in the Americas polyether polyols market are Perstorp AB (Sweden), The Dow Chemical Company (U.S.), Bayer AG (Netherlands), Stepan Company (U.S.), and others.
Scope of the report:
This research report categorizes the Americas market for polyether polyols on the basis of applications, end-user industries, and countries, highlighting the forecast volume and value, and analyzing trends in each of the submarkets.
On the basis of applications:
  • Flexible Foams
  • Rigid Foams
  • Others (Adhesives, Sealents, and Elastomers)
On the Basis of Countries:
  • U.S.
  • Brazil
  • Rest of Americas