Roof Replacement Services from JS Roofing

JS Roofing, one of the leading roofing companies in Portland, offers roof replacement services. This is to complement their existing packages of roofing solutions.  

[PORTLAND, OR, 01/03/2014]JS Roofing, one of the leading commercial and residential roofing companies in Portland, offers roof replacement services. This completes the company’s package of roofing solutions.  

This particular service is ideal for those who are planning a renovation or a complete re-roofing project. The company explains that they use several layers when replacing roofs.

The first layer is the leak barrier. The repairmen will only take off the existing roof materials after determining some structural issues. The specialists will install the leak barrier or ice and water shield in the most critical roof areas. The repairmen usually install the leak barrier at a minimum of 6 feet up the structure’s roofline from the edge of the roof at the gutter and down the valleys. They also install it around the chimney, soil stacks, fans, skylights, and vents.

The repairmen then install underlayment, also known as felt paper, on the roof decking. This component, according to JS Roofing prolongs the life of wood decking. They will then install starter strips; these are important to prevent intrusion of wind and water and are commonly placed on roofline edges.

JS Roofing’s repairmen will install proper ventilation system to lengthen the life of wood decking and other components. They also pay attention to shingle caps. They use them to improve the appearance of the roof and to validate the warranty of the system.

Other Services

JS Roofing offers gutter cleaning services. They explain that gutter cleaning is important, as it will prevent clogging of water and flooding basement, and prevent structural damage. The company offers free residential and commercial roofing estimate. All the client has to do is to fill out an application form on their website.

About JS Roofing

JS Roofing is one of the leading companies in Portland specializing in roof installations and repairs. The company works to maintain an open communication and strong customer service. The company believes that customer satisfaction is attained through quality services, thus coming up with the marketing slogan, When Quality Matters.

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