AwarenessHub Enhances Social Selling Functionality

Adds Social Lead Scoring Audit Trails to Increase Transparency


BOSTON – August 18th, 2014 AwarenessHub, the leader in social marketing and social selling software, announced a new enhancement to their software suite called Social Lead Scoring Audit Trails. The new feature allows marketers to gain deeper insights into individuals within their audience and across the social web.

The AwarenessHub allows marketers to find influencers, advocates and prospective buyers across the social web based on their behaviors and keywords. The Hub captures their publicly available social profile details and stores them in a secure database. Scorecards (applying scores to both demographic details and behaviors of the profile) segment and rank the database according to custom scoring rules resulting in targeted lists marketers can use for messaging. The new Audit Trail enhancement allows users to see the demographic information and activity that contribute to a Social Profile’s Scorecards.

"The beauty of AwarenessHub’s Social Scoring functionality is customization," said Gregg Monastiero, Chairman of AwarenessHub. "It allows businesses to define prospects and influencers based on contextual targeting. It turns the entire social universe into an easily segmented database. Now, with Social Lead Scoring Audit Trails, a level of transparency has been added so users can see exactly how a user matches those customized criteria."

Enhancing Social Selling

The AwarenessHub platform employs a set of functionality bundled as Social Marketing Automation that allows clients to achieve true lead generation from social media as well as customized influencer discovery. Monitoring a customized keyword set and capturing the corresponding Social Profiles allows users to build a database that can then be scored. For example, a Scorecard may look for users who have mentioned a competitor, mentioned a specific industry topic several times, have a large social following, and mention a certain job title in their description. Being a full social media management tool, the AwarenessHub can also incorporate engagement with social properties into a score.

This scoring methodology is enhanced with a Social Lead Scoring Audit Trails. A user can now know which of these variables contributes most to a score, and that information can be passed to relevant parties for further sales and marketing messages.

This approach to social media allows the AwarenessHub to become a true social selling platform, setting the industry standard for social lead generation and ROI.

For more information on AwarenessHub's social selling and social media management capabilities, visit the AwarenessHub site.


About AwarenessHub

AwarenessHub is fundamentally changing the way organizations approach social marketing. With a unique combination of technology, experience and thoughtful support, AwarenessHub enables marketers to efficiently and effectively generate ROI from 100% trackable social media interactions. It is the leading provider of Social Marketing Automation Software designed specifically to address all key aspects of social media marketing -- including demand generation, customer acquisition and social customer engagement, social advertising, and social analytics. Our flagship solution is the only software available that ties Social Prospecting, Social Scoring and a dynamic Social Profile Database into one solution resulting in a detailed social marketing ROI.  Customers include small and large organizations across multiple vertical segments.