Tank Connection Announcement

Global leaders in storage tank manufacturing, Tank Connection (TC), recently announced their President & CEO, Bill Neighbors will be stepping down in September.  The company has just crossed the 500 employee mark and announced earlier this year their transition as an ESOP, employee owned company.  Neighbors states, “This has been my personal plan for some time, but I also wanted to make sure that the right pieces were in place for Tank Connection to advance to the next level as the industry leader in storage.  I could not be more pleased that an ESOP trust is now in place and that our employees will be the beneficiaries of this trust down the road.”  Mr. Vince Horton, current Vice President of Sales, will be named company president upon Neighbor’s departure.  Horton is a founding partner and has served as an executive staff advisor from day one.


When asked about his future plans, Neighbors comments, “Going forward, my plan is to sit on the company ‘board of advisors’ until the ‘end of time’ or until my services are no longer needed.  There will be no loss of my services, vision and input.  In essence, I am moving over so that others can move up.  In my view, this is just one more aspect about TC that keeps our employee culture dynamic.” 


Neighbors leaves Tank Connection employees with the following statement: “My challenge to the next generation at TC is to make your mark.  Show this company and our clients that your contribution is reflective of the highest integrity and service for the benefit of many.  When you do, your rewards will come, but you will also find that your greatest joy in work will be realized in the accomplishments of others.” 


To Tank Connection’s global customers, representatives and dealers: “I am very confident in Mr. Horton’s abilities, the executive staff, our experienced management team, and our dedicated employees to direct TC in the future.  Continuous improvement in all of our processes has put us where we are today and sets us far apart from our competitors.  Going forward, automation in our processes will lead us into the future.  ‘Golden Rule Customer Service’ will always be at the forefront of our business model.” 


Relative to customer relationships: “We are advocates for our clients.  The relationships that we develop with our clients, reps and dealers are genuine and sincere.  In today’s marketplace, too many companies operate under conflicting goals and objectives.  At TC, we simply have none.  We now move forward as an employee owned company that is focused solely on developing the top performance storage tank products in the world.  We thank our clients for their past and future support.”