Shell Tellus

The industrial lubricants represent some important components in every industry, being compounds like: oils, greases and fluids. They are mainly utilized to lessen tear and wear of the involved materials. At the same time, they are used for reducing friction and binding. In special cases, these lubricants can prevent the electrical resistivity. In addition to this, when they are applied, the lubricants can easily prevent corrosion on the materials’ surfaces. On the market, people can find all kinds of lubricants, such as: high and low viscosity oils, waxes and high temperature silicates, lubricant powders and more. Most industrial lubricants are produced from oil and additives. This way, they can be dry, non-liquid, liquid and PTFE, according to the context in which they are used. All in all, as we can see, the use of industrial lubricants is mandatory in almost every industry. In case you didn’t know, Shell is regarded as the most important lubricants supplier, delivering these items in approximately 100 countries. So, you could definitely not go wrong purchasing Shell Lubricantsor Shell Tellus. 

Even people who are not in the industry or do not have any connection with industrial equipment have heard about Shell as brand and Shell Lubricants. That is because this company is one of the oldest and best promoted in the field worldwide and also due to the quality of products they commercialize. If you live in the UK and you are looking for Shell Tellus of Shell Lubricants providers you should consider "BTLS/Hayley" company as your Shell products provider of choice. They are a famous distributor of lubricants, chemicals, grease and adhesives. Serving major customers, they only commercialize high class products, being aware of the fact that quality products and services is the only way to go in this market if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Besides selling high quality products, their range of lubricants is quite wide: from Cassida and Alvania to Valvata Engine Oils and Rhodina, they sell an entire variety of Shell industrial lubricants. If you are interested in a particular type of lubricants, please check out their website.

Shell Lubricants are considered to be one of the best in the world, as we have already mentioned above, as they have the best formulations for you machinery, this contributing to protecting your engine. And we all know that by protecting your engine your vehicle will perform better and last longer. As for Shell Tellus, these come in a large variety of hydraulic fluids, these being of much importance for extending the pump life. These fluids provide cleanliness and air release filterability. 

Using the best lubricants is essential for the life of your engine. Finding the best provider of Shell Lubricants and Shell Tellus is another essential aspect every business in the field should take into consideration.

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