Award Winning Advice...

I wouldn’t normally tell you this sort of thing, but I’ve just won an award.

Rutland-based The Biz Club had their annual awards on 14th November presented by Lord Lieutenant of Rutland, Dr Laurence Howard, and I won. This was not just for my work as MD of Terry Forsey Consulting, but for the work I do with The Travers Foundation. The event was sponsored by Crownhouse Wealth Management, contact Tim Wright. See our website for photos and full blog...

The Travers Foundation is a charity I set up in 2012 to support aspiring young sportsmen and women, and those in the creative or performing arts. We are currently supporting a number of talented young people in Northamptonshire, Rutland and Leicestershire.

I also offer free advice to small businesses in my Northamptonshire office on a Friday afternoon – helping grow local businesses is a passion of mine. After all, a growing business generates wealth, taxes and fuels the local economy.

Two years ago I had a ‘light-bulb moment’ – with this idea, and with the help of a great team, we have transformed my business offering sales and marketing advice and guidance to UK software companies to a rapidly growing (50% this year) digital marketing agency creating local jobs and now boasting clients in Australia, Canada and Ireland, as well as throughout the UK.

How did we do it? We adopted a state of the art marketing automation tool and developed a range of lead generation services to attract, engage and nurture prospects automatically and feed qualified sales ready leads to sales people/teams. 

Our business Terry Forsey Consulting is proof that marketing automation works. Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation or visit our website to find out how this can work for you, and how you too can achieve this rapid growth.