Alexandre Ale de Basseville: Vision for New Golden Age of Europe

 NEW YORK, NY, May 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Alexandre Ale de Basseville is a leader with a vision that can open the eyes of many, young or old, to bring inspiration, aspiration, innovation and growth back into Europe. While keeping each European country's identity, de Basseville's ideas will allow for a more powerful Europe by introducing a Federalist Europe, similar to creating a United States of Europe with all the benefits that that will bring.

Alexandre Ale de Basseville, recently distanced himself from being a candidate for the European parliament, he does not believe in running for a system he no longer trusts. Instead, he has a focused plan to unite Europe that he is sharing with the world. With his astounding knowledge of European history, he understands the past of Europe and how it got to where it is today. But most of all, he has a clear and bold vision to restore Europe, one that is not just based on circulating ideas and rhetoric, but really making the decisions that will bring Europe into a prosperous future--clearing the government of corruption, ensuring equal rights for women, setting energy technologies, developments and focus as the primary market, fostering entrepreneurial growth and inspiration, and networking with nations to bring the European population up-to-par with modern technology.

EYES IN Magazine has endorsed this innovative cultural creator and compliments Alexandre Ale de Basseville on his braveness to share his concerns about Europe with the world. He is not afraid to speak out about his innovative vision and solutions to heal Europe. His dream of polishing the masterpiece that is Europe begins with those who support him with their vote on the website. His dream is possible--to let Europeans aspire to economic and cultural freedom that will enhance their lives, talents, and families, and lead to those dreams of success, happiness and well-being.

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