Most Unusual Places to Propose Worldwide

From the bottom of the ocean to the top of the world, people have been finding unusual places to pop the question for quite some time.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is on the brain and in the air. For a lucky few, this Valentine’s Day might even be the day they will propose to the love of their lives. If they are looking for interesting ways to pop the big question, they may want to find out more about some less traditional places where others have proposed.   

Here are a few unconventional spots to ask for someone’s hand in marriage.

1.     Scuba diving. Under-the-sea marriage proposals can happen pretty much anywhere people dive and conditions are good. However, some places stand out above the rest. According to the Huffington Post, Raja Impat, Indonesia is both a romantic setting and has great scuba diving. Belize and Fiji are a few others to keep in mind too.

2.     Mountain top. It doesn’t have to be a difficult hike or the highest mountain. A local scenic overlook could be the perfect choice. For those looking for somewhere spectacular, there are more difficult hikes to remarkable places as well. Check out’s website for easy day hike suggestions as well as more challenging trails.

3.     Outer space. Okay, so people aren’t exactly going into outer space to propose. Yet, they are coming up with creative outer-space-like ways to get the deed done. One gentleman sent the ring and a video of himself proposing via a weather balloon, a GoPro camera and an iPhone. The YouTube video shows how it all turned out.

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Most importantly, remember that the world is your oyster, especially if there’s a diamond ring inside instead of a pearl.