Looking for a suitable method of losing weight?

Crying and eating. Kyle Leon says, what I willed what I'm weak. And the fact that thanks to the wisdom of his body he had just escaped from a stomach ulcer or urolithiasis, he does not think. And, it turns out, rejoice victory when it would be necessary to experience the bitterness of defeat. Conversely, sorrow and blame ourselves in weaknesses, when we ought to rejoice in salvation and fighting most interestingly, all the attributes of the war there. A la guerre com a la guerre - war is war:

Exploration - looking for a suitable method of losing weight, make inquiries. Find out who and how much thinner, and over what period of time? Was not too hungry and as it is now, if not fatter again?

Going to attack - stop eating exactly what most want and just when all I want stronger. For a while, the weight is reduced.

Requests for reinforcements - "Girls support me morally," "Doctor, could you strengthen my will?", "Where would get medicine to not want to eat so much?", "How to strengthen the metabolism?”

Protracted positional battles - we once again embarked himself, promising that now we would not Tear, be consistent, we will endure. But there is cake, friends come, or we are going to visit, or a holiday or birthday. And there comes a breakdown. And all the dropped back again and we promise ourselves...

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