The Redesigned I’m @ Workapp For Android Users And The Website Of Nileshp.Co Is Going To Be Published By 4th June


The volume control app I’m @ Work, introduced by, has recently got redesigned. The company has also modified their website to facilitate the customers. Both the redesigned app and the web page of the company would be live for action by 6thJune 2014, Friday.

This specially designed app has been initiated by a skilled and technically sound professional. The idea of this app was conceptualized with the aim of helping people, with work related sound schedules. I’m @ Work is developed to comply with the requirement of the Android users. An inside associate of the app developing team comments, “We have totally loved the kind of appreciation, we have received on developing this magnificent app. The website and the app is modified to comply with the changed market scenario.” The App can be found at    
(FREE 3 Month Trial) or     (Full App).

I’m @ Work is specifically developed to assist the mobile phone users to change the phone ringing volume, from loud to silent, before work.  The users can get back the loud/ringer from silent, using the same app, once their respective works end. Added to that, this technically advanced app includes an auto text mode feature to compliment user’s demand. This unique feature is added to help the users to send customized text messages to any calls, which were missed during the working hours.

I’m @ Work was created with the aim of helping all the mobile phone owners of Android devices. The developer himself used to leave his phone on silent mode, after work finished, due to which, he used to miss the calls, multiple times a day. Apart from the professional troubles, this used to lead him intro complications of personal life as well. This is why I’m @ Work was designed, to resolve the common problem of a number of mobile users, who suffer from the similar problem on a daily basis.

The evolution of this app has impressed the android phone users to a great extent. Rosaline is an Android phone user. She says, “I keep on missing important calls, due to the same reason of keeping the silent mode on. This leads to create a lot of issues for me. The news of this amazing app is definitely going to save a lot of inconveniences. I am sure that, this app will help me to get the track of my important calls. Added to that, I liked the customized messaging facility of the app as well.”

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