Don't Get Caught in the Rain

Whilst on a camping holiday to celebrate the Independence Day Weekend, I was reminded of the importance of preventative maintenance as it relates to technical and customer support. Not because I spent the weekend pondering new ways to deliver exceptional support (which, by the way, I did).

Weathering the Storm 

It was because during this holiday,  I had an object lesson in this topic thanks to my family’s tent meeting with a terrific downpour from a monsoon thunderstorm at 7,200 feet elevation in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I would give you three guesses as to which part of that equation won, but it should be rather obvious by now. We quickly left the soggy tent behind and secured the last room at a pricey but nearby hotel, paying 8 times more to spend the night in the hotel then I had previously spent to secure the camping site.

I’d be lying if I said that my thoughts went immediately to the importance of technical and customer support and the related but often overlooked concept of preventative maintenance (PM). But after a day or two, I noticed a couple of similarities between the situation with my tent and the situation with the average telephony platform. Namely;

‘It Worked Great Last Time I Used It’

  1. My tent worked great the last time I really used it. It looked perfectly okay when I set it up on Friday. But that wasn’t in the rain, and it wasn’t under stress from a storm. Much like my tent, your telephony platform may appear to be functioning perfectly. But under the hood, something could be lurking that, when stressed, will ruin your night. A bad drive. A mother board waiting to fail. Heck, a loose cable in the rack can make a perfectly functioning system act like two soup cans fastened with string.

‘Its Simple, Right?’

  1. My tent appears to be a simple device. But without a functioning rain fly, it’s as useless as window screen to keep the rain out. Your telephony platform seems relatively easy to understand. But complexity in networking, firewalls, data management, campaign size, event registration, and other deep recesses of the black box logs can be hiding a disaster waiting to happen.

‘Prevention is Better Than Cure’

  1. My tent needed preventative maintenance. You see, the seams of a tent’s rain fly need to be resealed periodically in order to ensure they remain water-tight. This is particularly true when the tent, like mine, is stored in a particularly warm (okay, hot) environment such as the Sonoran desert of Central Arizona. Your telephony platform needs preventative maintenance as well to ensure the components are all operating effectively and communicating with each other properly. Particularly in a warm (well, hot) environment such as a data center. A little work today saves a lot of cost tomorrow.

‘Theres Never a Good Time for Failure’

  1. I counted on my tent to keep me dry, and it failed. Like my tent, there is no good time for your telephony platform to fail. And when it does fail, you will have been counting on it to keep your business advancing. Which will cost you money.


What to Do?

So what do you do? Well, don’t panic. Telephony support and preventative maintenance do not have to be forced down your throat by a gluttonous vendor trying to squeeze every nickel they can from you. As a provider of third party support for all major telephony platforms, PSS has over 13 years experience of meticulously combing through systems to hunt and kill potential problems before they ever crop up. Meaning your tent won’t fail when the rain comes down in the middle of the night. You see, if I had spent just a little time on PM before leaving for the camping trip by resealing the seams of my rain fly, I wouldn’t have had a disastrous trip with my family, and I wouldn’t have spent an absurd amount of money for one night in a hotel.


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