Upward Motion Personal Training in Albuquerque, NM, Announces Its New Small Group Training Class Program June 2015

Small Group Team Training Classes are a great way to get results with friends. Class participants will be paired with 3 - 5 other individuals at a specific time on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Research shows that with the power and support of a group, people will be more likely to achieve fitness goals as opposed to exercising soley. Weekly access to accountability software (FitClients) allows Upward Motion Personal Training to easily track a Small Group Team member’s weight loss/body fat and see if the person is accomplishing health and fitness goals.

Team Training Classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and start at:

· 5:00 am

· 6:00 am

·  9:30 am

·  4:30 pm

·  5:30 pm

Classes are 60 minutes.

About Upward Motion Personal Training:

We are passionately committed to INSPIRE you to health, fitness, and happiness. Achieving your best so you can be your best!

We are so confident that you will INSPIRE your life by dramatically lowering your body fat, improve your muscle tone, increase your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular stamina, develop better posture, balance and flexibility and get in the best shape of your life within one year or less. If not, your next 12 months of Group Training with us will be FREE!


Upward Motion Personal Training
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