New Startup Lagoon Selects Biztech and Hamilton for Strategic Location

For Immediate Release
Antony Seppi
Operations Director, Biztech

Lagoon is selecting the Biztech incubator and the city of Hamilton, Ohio as its base of operations for growing their utility based startup business.  Entrepreneurs Eric Elias, William Blum, Nathan Heidt, and William Weibe make up the team that is developing a solution to address residential and commercial water usage.  The application based solution provides monitoring of water usage, water leakage, proactive prevention, and goal-based statistics via a device that attaches externally to residents’ or businesses’ water distribution systems.  “After understanding the new direction at Biztech we knew immediately that this was the home for us,” said co-founder Eric Elias, “Our goal is to leverage the tremendous, forward thinking green initiatives that the City is undertaking and grow our company forward.” 

Lagoon will be utilizing the various resources available at Biztech, in addition to leveraging the expertise at the City around its clean energy initiatives.  “The most important aspect of startup success is access to customers,” Elias said.  “We believe that working with Biztech and the City of Hamilton, Lagoon can successfully pilot our product, test our product, and develop our product to meet the needs of our target market.”  

As one of the newer clients at Biztech, Lagoon is an ideal fit for the new vision at the Biztech business incubator located in the city of Hamilton.  This new vision includes high-growth businesses that fall into the “clean” technology framework that the City of Hamilton and other regional partners are leveraging as value-add benefits in the Southwestern Ohio entrepreneurial ecosystem - an ecosystem that is slowly beginning to capitalize on its water and other renewable resources throughout the region, including hydroelectric power and compressed natural gas.  “Lagoon is the epitome of where we are going with Biztech,” said Biztech Director Chris Lawson.  “With Lagoon and kW River Hydroelectric we are starting to sow the seeds of a true water-based cluster here in Southwest Ohio.” 

Biztech is a business incubator located in the city of Hamilton, Ohio and serves Southwestern Ohio and the surrounding Tri-State Region.  The business incubator specializes in attracting and developing companies focused on green energy, advanced manufacturing, and technology.  With a focus on assisting startups and early-stage companies, Biztech has a multitude of resources, including mentors, connections with academic institutions, and access to funding resources.  Contact inquiries and questions can be submitted at

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