Upward Motion Personal Training in Albuquerque, NM, Offers Weight Loss Coaching Personal Training Program June 2015

With the weight loss coaching program offered by Upward Motion Personal Training the emphasis is placed on revving up client’s metabolism through the demands of a regular and committed exercise plan. The weight loss coaching offered by Upward Motion Personal Training and its team of certified personal trainers brings the programs member’s weight loss goals and time targets to fruition.

After the initial consultation which is always free, the program’s personal trainer helps clients define a plan of action that includes one-on-one workouts at the facility, additional workouts to do solely, and nutritional recommendations (but no diet per se).

To lose weight in a workout program, whether it’s done with a personal trainer or done by participating in a group training class, it to be done consistently. Recently Upward Motion Personal Training incorporated two new group training programs into the company’s weekly schedule. The first new one is called Shockwave and the second one is called Indo-Row. Both programs are proving to be very successful throughout the country. The programs help participants burn tons of calories, sculpt the body and help each person get into great cardio shape. The company cares deeply about wanting everyone in Albuquerque to be able to lose weight successfully and it knows these two new group training programs now being offered will help the company help its clients lose the weight, get healthy and stay that way.

In order to keep our clients accountable, measurements and a picture (optional) are taken on day 1 of the program and repeated every two weeks until the program is successfully completed.

About Upward Motion Personal Training:

We are passionately committed to INSPIRE you to health, fitness, and happiness. Achieving your best so you can be your best!

We are so confident that you will INSPIRE your life by dramatically lowering your body fat, improve your muscle tone, increase your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular stamina, develop better posture, balance and flexibility and get in the best shape of your life within one year or less. If not, your next 12 months of Group Training with us will be FREE!


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