Nimble Sports Offers Combo Packages On Home Gymnastics Equipment

U.S.A, 24th April 2014: Nimble Sports, one of the internet’s top distributors of handcrafted, affordable gymnastics equipment such as gymnastics bars, mats, and balance beams, has rolled out a variety of combo packages for customers looking to outfit their home gym all at one time. This level of convenience is something that Nimble Sports takes seriously as a part of their overall commitment to their customers.

“I started this company out of sheer necessity,” says Nimble Sports’ president. “My daughter loved gymnastics and we were looking for a balance beam so that she could practice at home. In lieu of finding what we were looking for, I decided to make the balance beam myself. That began my company, Nimble Sports, through which I have been committed to providing my customers with the very best equipment at the best prices. These combo packages are just another way that I’m able to provide my customers with the very best deals on the market.”

While Nimble Sports sells a variety of gymnastics equipment, including gymnastics bars and gymnastics mats . These products are also available individually at great prices; Nimble Sports also offer their combo packages for those looking to purchase multiple pieces of equipment at once. These packages include:

*Balance Beams & Gymnastic Mats

*Horizontal Bars & Gymnastic Mats

*Little Gyms Package - Including Gymnastics Mat, Horizontal Bar, and Balance Beam

Through these combo packages, customers are able to affordably build their home gym and their children are able to practice safely with handcrafted, high quality equipment in their comfort on their own home.

“We’re happy to be able to provide our customers the highest quality home gymnastics equipment that meets with our standards of excellence and helps young gymnasts perfect their craft,” says Nimble Sports’ president. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer these combo packages to help make this all-important purchase both efficient and affordable.”

About the Company:

Nimble Sports was started by a father who was looking for an appropriate balance beam for his gymnastics loving daughter, decided to build that balance beam himself. With this one act, a company was started; and, today, Nimble Sports continues to provide parents with some of the highest quality, safe, and affordable gymnastics equipment on the market.

Contact Information:

Nimble Sports

Address: 2227 Spikes Lane

Lansing, MI 48906

Phone No: 877.628.2326